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What Were The Best Boots Of World Cup 2014?

thumbnailIt was described as one of the most exciting World Cup tournaments in years and in total, it brought no fewer than 171 goals. Players were seen in some of the latest and most futuristic boots on the market and to see just which brands and models performed the best, we’ll take an in-depth look at the tournament through this next blog post.


The Group D Danger Men

thumbnailIt’s been described as the “Group of Death” by some quarters and it’s certainly going to be touch-and-go whether England manage to force themselves through it. While Italy and Uruguay are seen as the Three Lions’ biggest opponents, many are under the impression that this is Costa Rica’s best squad in years and they might not be the no-hopers that everyone is predicting. Bearing the above in mind, we’ll now take a look at the star men from each of these teams and see just what influence they could have on how Group D pans out.

[More] Reveal the Nation’s Favourite England Shirt!

thumbnailThe votes have been counted and the results are in! We recently asked our fantastic Facebook fans to choose which England shirt was their favourite from decades gone by. The final line up included the iconic, trophy winning shirt from the 1966 team, followed by the 1976 shirt from ten years later. Up next was the nostalgic 1996 shirt (Three lions, anyone?), the 2000 shirt, the 2002 shirt and the brand new 2014 shirt ready for the World Cup in Brazil. [More]

Head-to-Head: England v Italy


Following months of anticipation, Saturday will finally be the occasion when England kick off their World Cup campaign. The Three Lions fell victim to the Italians the last time that the sides faced each other in the quarter-finals of Euro 2012, following a penalty shootout. Since then, it would be fair to say that both teams have undergone wholesale changes and we’ll now take a look at just how players from both sides stack up against each other.


Head To Head: The Unlucky Seven

thumbnailIt could be said that Roy Hodgson's seven standby players for the World Cup drew more talk than the actual 23-man squad itself. In a bid to see just how these backup players stand, here is a lowdown on how they fare against the players who have most likely taken their place in the main squad.


Who England Are Relying On To Combat The Heat of Brazil 2014

thumbnailWhile plenty of emphasis is being placed on the 23-man squad that Roy Hodgson announced on Monday afternoon, one of his smaller teams has remained in place for some time. The Three Lions take an extensive technical team with them to major tournaments and through the course of this next blog post we'll take a look at some of the key fitness professionals. [More]