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Get your Travel Essentials for an Autumn/Winter Getaway!

The UK weather during Autumn and Winter is enough to drive anyone away to warmer climates, be it for a few days or a whole week. If you are tempted to get away, make sure you take the essentials with you.

Suitcases are one of the most important pieces of kit you will need when travelling. Make sure you get a case that is sturdy and has enough space for the necessary things you want to pack. Some cases can be snapped up for as little as £5.99, so quality needn’t come at a big cost. Make sure you have a good shoulder bag for hand luggage as this can save you 
money for keeping fewer things out of your suitcase.

Jackets and Coats

Jackets and Coats are needed for whilst you are in the UK! Make sure you don’t get caught cold on your travels and get a great winter warmer to keep comfortable in. There are a range of light jackets that will slip into your hand luggage when you reach a hotter destination, but having layers to hand is always important as the British weather can be unpredictable. 



Travel Games may be needed to kill some time on the long journeys and during those inevitable delays. Get yourself a mini magnetic Darts Set and have plenty of fun or test your mind with a 4 in 1 Games Set that contains chess, backgammon, ludo and checkers! Better still, a pack of Playing Cards cost very little and the vast amount of games that can be played with these will keep you entertained for hours!



Footwear is important for a successful getaway as you’ll be on your feet a lot during travel. Make sure you have comfortable Trainers for travelling to and from your destination and if you are going somewhere hot, then grab a few pairs of Sandals or Flip Flops as they are especially cheap this time of year.



We all want to be comfortable on our travels, so make sure you pack some products to help you out. Neck Pillows and Sleep Sets can be picked up very cheaply and are great companions to have with you on your travels. You will want to turn up to your destination in a good mood, so you are better off travelling comfortably!



Gadgets are important for ensuring you are prepared for a trip. Electrical Adaptors can be picked up for a few pounds, so it is wise to buy now or fear paying over-the-odds when abroad. Digital Scales are very handy for weighing luggage so you know exactly how much to pack; don’t get caught out with extortionate fees from the travel companies by being over your limit! An Android Tablet can be picked up for as little as £50 and would be a great companion to watch films on or listen to your favourite music on your journey or around the swimming pool!



Last of all, make sure you have Sun Cream and After Sun on hand for the hotter countries! These can be bought for next to nothing because the peak summer season is now over. If you’re having a holiday inside the UK, an Umbrella may do the trick!

To find all of the essentials you need for an Autumn/Winter getaway, visit for a range of quality and great value products.