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Top 10 Traditional Father’s Day Gifts

With the UK set to spend over £770m on Father’s Day, it goes without saying that it’s another occasion where you’ve got to get the ideas juices flowing. If you, or your dad for that matter, is something of a traditionalist there are numerous gifts that have been associated with the big day for many a year. Here, we take a look at some of the stereotypical options that the typical son or daughter can buy for their dad for the 15th of June.


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Officially, the tie is the most common gift that is handed over on Father’s Day. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, this seems to be a gift that travels through the ages with most children looking to at least give their old man’ something to smile about on their way to work.

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Next in line is another obvious option; a pair of socks. It might sound utterly boring to some people, but they can be classed as a ‘useful’ present and this is exactly what will please Dad the most. As the featured product shows, they don’t necessarily have to be mundane either, with socks coming in all sorts of funky designs nowadays.

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Cuff Links

Cuff links are one of those items that your typical Dad just won’t ever consider buying. That’s why, over the years, they have made that perfect, traditional gift. As the option above shows, it’s now possible to purchase cuff links in all sorts of personal designs and if your Dad happens to be a Rangers supporter, we might just have found the ideal present!

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If we move away from clothing accessories for a moment, we can spice things up with a bar of chocolate. Naturally, the more unorthodox the better and considering the fact that a lot of Dad’s supposedly live on the golf course anyway, the featured Chocolate golf balls suggestion could be a suitable fit for many.

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Returning to the clothing, slippers are another old classic. Again, designs have evolved over the years to at least bring this once-dull product to life, although some Dad’s will like nothing better than slipping (pardon the pun) a comfortable pair like the Propeller option here.

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Children are stereotyped as the people who empty Dad’s wallet, so in some ways this acts as another ideal, traditional gift for them. With some wallets holding mobile phone pouches and a whole host of other features, there is at least a way to “upgrade" this gift to a modern alternative as well.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying for Father’s Day, or for another male friend or relatives – aftershave will always prevail. While some Dad’s will have a particular brand that they like to use on a daily basis, others are happy to just boost their scent. Whatever category your Dad falls into, the aftershave option has worked wonders for years.

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There’s a common theme through the traditional gifts; most of them revolve around clothing accessories. The belt is another that falls into this category and again, designs have evolved over the years so your old man can hold his trousers up with a much wider degree of style!

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The tie might be the most common Father’s Day gift out there, but it’s followed closely by tools. The hammer in particular is seen as one of the most popular out there and to conform to the stereotypical nature of the big day, this is another gift you should be considering.

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We’ll conclude the article with another favourite, the typical drinking mug. The version is particularly traditional and could make another classic Father’s Day gift for the old man’. After all, which Dad wouldn’t want to be reminded of his son or daughter, as well as the UK’s biggest sports retailer with their morning cuppa?!