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The Science Behind Our Latest Fly Rug

Keeping your horse protected from insects is an important part of ensuring they remain happy and fighting-fit for any occasion. Our latest product - the Requisite Zebra Mesh Combo Fly Rug - is ideal for keeping horses protected...but why? We reveal the science behind our latest kit.


A 2012 National Geographic article by Rachel Kaufman - Zebra Stripes Evolved to Repel Bloodsuckers?discusses how a zebra's black and white stripes helps to prevent female horseflies from sucking their blood. The zebra's pattern is supposedly meant to scramble the vision of horseflies and, as a result, repel them. Zebras and horses are both equids and have similarities in skeletal appearance, but obvious differences in their markings. 

The zebra's pattern is designed to help it survive in African climes - where insects are more likely to attack - whereas the horse is typically native to cooler regions and less at risk to being bitten, but not completely protected. This discovery triggered the design and production of a zebra-print rug, designed to protect horses from the disturbance caused by insects - most notably horseflies.

The rug, available in a range of sizes, fits easily on to the horse and gives them added protection against the possible attack of pests. Be sure to get yours in time for the summer season, when the insects are likely to be prominent.