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Summer Fitness Regime

With Summer fast approaching and Easter bank holiday out of the way, many of us are focused on getting beach ready in time for our next summer holidays. With little over a couple of months before many people take to the skies, there is still a good amount of time to get fit and tone up. Counting up how many weeks you have until you jet off is a great way to plan your new fitness regime and set weekly targets to ensure you feel body confident before your holiday.

We all know how we’d like to look and we know we need to exercise and eat healthy, but how much exercise, what food and what equipment do we really need to get us there? First of all we need to be wearing the correct clothing and footwear to ensure we get the most out of all our workouts. This means investing in some high quality running shoes, a good set of base layers and some comfortable outer layers. Many people like to go to the gym to work out, but if you prefer to work out at home or exercise outdoors by either running, walking, cycling or playing sports, there may be some useful accessories that will enhance your performance.

thumbnailWhen it comes to choosing your running shoes there are a few things to bare in mind such as the arch type of your feet. If you have a high arch, your  forefoot and heel will be clear and connected by a very thin band, a normal arch is where the forefoot and heel are connected by a thick band or a flat arch where a footprint will show the full sole of your foot. There are different types of running shoes designed specifically for each arch type, which will provide the best support whilst exercising.

Base layers are a great idea when exercising as they can help to keep you cool and dry. Base layers are designed to trap a thin layer of warm air against the body and works to pull sweat away from the skin, also known as wicking. Many base layers have anti microbial properties which breaks down the cellular wall of the bacteria to prevent an odour when sweating. Excess sweat released into the fibres of the base layer is drawn away from the skin by the wicking fabric, keeping you dry and cool whilst working out. Base layers should be well fitted and close to the skin to ensure they do their job properly. Wearing base layers can help to regulate your body temperature, compress target muscles, reduce recovery periods and potentially reduce injury, muscular strains and fatigue.

There are other accessories such as skipping ropes, hand weights, medicine balls and many more that you may want to incorporate into your regime. If you are working out from home perhaps running or cycling, you may want to do pre and post work outs using yoga mats, yoga balls or light weights. Introducing these gentle exercises alongside your main workout will help increase your fitness levels and will count towards a warm up and cool down, an essential part of your fitness routine.

Once you have all of the correct equipment needed for your workout, plan out a realistic regime that you feel you can stick to. You should decide how often and for how long you would like to exercise, and set mini goals alongside to keep yourself motivated and focus on working towards your end goal. You should be consciously eating healthy to ensure you achieve the best results. If you have any medical issues, always seek a doctors advice before taking up a new diet and exercise regime.