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Shirt Sales 2015 : Who is the Most Popular Manchester United Legend?



Eric Cantona – 42%

The most popular legend with 42% of the shirts sold is Eric Cantona. Arguably the biggest bargain in football, Cantona joined Manchester United for around 1.2 million in 1992. His combination of ability and confidence on the pitch helped United to four Premier League titles during his time at the club. For those wanting to emulate his famous turned up collar they will be disappointed to hear the 2015/16 shirt doesn’t feature the same collar design, as the ones he wore during the 90’s.

David Beckham – 19%

In second place with a 19% share is David Beckham, who has out ranked some big names. It has been over 12 years since Beckham left for Real Madrid and in those 12 years he has also played for L.A Galaxy, alongside A.C Milan and Paris Saint Germain. We cannot be sure if Beckham’s huge popularity amongst Manchester United fans is due to his global stardom, but he ranks second overall.

George Best – 15%

The late George Best scored 179 goals in 470 appearances for Manchester United, and his 15% share makes him third on our list. Taking into account it has now been over 30 years since he made his last appearance for the red devils, Best is certainly a player that has lived long in the memories of Manchester United fans.

Paul Scholes – 14%

In fourth place with a 14% share is Paul Scholes. Scholes played at the club for his whole career and only entered full retirement at the end of the 2012/13 season. One reason he is lower on the list could be due to how recent his retirement from professional football has been.

Ryan Giggs – 10%

The most decorated player in football history; Giggs also holds the record for the most Manchester United appearances. Some may be surprised that he only has 10% of the sales but if more time had passed since their retirement both Giggs and Scholes may have appeared higher.

Wayne Rooney V Eric Cantona

For a final comparison we decided to compare Rooney the biggest selling current player with Cantona who is the biggest selling legend. As shown in the graphic below, Rooney has outsold Cantona by a significant amount. It shows while current players attract the most sales overall, past players have not been forgotten by fans.


That concludes our list, do you agree with Cantona being the biggest Manchester United legend? Which legend players would you like to see on a shirt in the future? Let us know in the comments section below!