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Reviewed: The Nike CTR360 III Trequartista


So, with the season over it's time to consider perhaps a new boot to break in ready for August. With so many on the market right now, Sam, a member of the Head Office football team gives his verdict on the Nike CTR360 III Trequartista collection to help you decide!

The Nike CTR range doesn't receive as much attention as the Mercurial Vapors or adidas F50’s of the footballing world, but seems to have done well to get a pretty good reputation whilst hiding in the background. But, worn by superstars such as Andres Iniesta, Carlos Tevez and Jack Wilshire, the Nike CTR360 definitely has a credible following.

Most boots are designed for a certain style of player – F50’s/Vapors for wingers or attackers, T90’s or Predators for strikers or adiPure’s for a classic central midfielder. The Nike CTR range originally seemed to be aimed at the central midfielder or playmaker but you’re likely to see it favoured by players in all positions. Personally, as a winger, these boots offer a great blend of fit, touch and speed.

One of the best features of this boot is the ACC (All Conditions Control), designed to provide the best touch in any weather, coupled with a Kanga-Lite upper to aid in ball control. Some boots have stuck with a natural leather upper, but Kanga-Lite offers the same great fit and feel while being a little lighter to satisfy the way most boots are going – for an almost barefoot feel.

Another feature billed to aid with control is the instep ‘control pad’ which has been a re-designed into several 3-D pads of varying sizes which help when both receiving and passing the ball. The forefoot also has an indented pattern which is also designed to allow a better touch when bringing the ball down. All-in-all, this boot should give you an extra edge against the opposition in terms of control.

The usual suspects are also included; asymmetrical lacing, cushioned sock-liner and the iconic Nike swoosh. For the fashion-minded footballers out there (or those who think they are…) Nike CTR’s generally have a good splash of colour but are kept a little more conservative with a good amount of either white or black for those who look back fondly of the days when the most outrageous colour on a football boot was a white logo.

Available in soft-ground, hard-ground, astro turf and indoor versions and chosen by defenders, midfielders and attackers, the Nike CTR360 covers all degrees.