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No Flies On Us!

Many of you will understand the pains of summer, bringing your horse in and finding lovely big fly bites. We all try sprays, feeds, collars or just about anything including hocus pocus to try to stop our beloved companions from being eaten alive! 

One of the best preventions are fly sheets, made to be lightweight almost like a second skin to prevent nasty little flies getting to our obviously tasty horses.
But of course the big thing is price! Contrary to the public's view on horse owners we just aren't made of money! And by personal experience my horse couldn't care less, whilst he’s rubbing my nice new bridle along the wall... (I was not happy!)

So you need a fly sheet which is affordable, value for money, does the job and decent quality, so lets be honest it doesn't matter if we spend £25 or £100, your darling horse or cheeky pony is going to attempt to destroy it. 

But at the end of the day my rule of thumb is only buy what you can afford to replace! Plus they only wear fly sheets for a few months anyway.

Here’s some of my favourites for different ranges of affordability: 

1. If like me you scrape together to own your horse in the first place, we want something cheap and cheerful which will last a few years and will take some rough handling.

This Stand & Deliver Fly Sheet Combo can be used as a complete set including face-mask (not pictured) or separately depending on what you feel is necessary. . You get the leg pleats like those seen on more expensive brands, and also the belly cover with 3 surcingle’s for the best fit and all round protection. 

Get the Stand & Deliver Fly Sheet Combo for just £24.99

2. You want to get the best you can afford, with a little extra protection.

This Amigo Mio is great for horses who suffer from sun burn, with UV protection, cooling and breathable, your guaranteed to keep your horse comfortable all summer. Patent Leg arches ensure maximum movement and a happy horse. (Mask sold separately) 

Get the Amigo Mio today for £35.99

 3. Finally you want the best of the best, a fly sheet which offers maximum protection in every weather, with supreme quality and fit.

With this Amigo Aussie All Rounder you get supreme protection and fit, with anti-rub shoulder this would be brilliant for the horse living out most the time. This sheet is also water resistant, so your horse will stay dry in the typical British weather. 

The Amigo Aussie All Rounder is £62.99

So these are my top 3 choices; It’s very easy to spend a lot of money on a fly sheet but do you really need to? It’s best to decide by using the needs of your horse and the depth of your pockets, not the fashion or latest trend at the yard. 

If your horse is out 24/7 in a fly paradise you may want to think about the Amigo Aussie All Rounder, but if he’s in his stable all day and goes out for a few hours think about the Stand & Deliver Fly Sheet Combo. And finally if your horse is out in the day and in at night and suffers with sweet-itch or sunburn the Amigo Mio should see him through.  

So hopefully this has given you something to think about and saved you a few pounds at the same time. 

Let the war against the flies begin! (Or continue...)