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How to keep the Stoptober Motivation Alive

Plenty of people have signed up to the Stoptober Campaign in the hope of giving up smoking for a month, then perhaps for good. We have a few ways to keep you occupied and having fun for the second half of the month to help improve personal health. Even if you don’t smoke, you’ll be sure to find something to keep you going during the increasingly cold autumn season!


Going for a run is a fantastic way to keep fit and focus the mind on other things. Running releases endorphins in the body that are great for keeping you happy and relaxed. If you keep it up, you can crave the feeling of exercise over smoking in no time. Get yourself some Running Shoes, pop on a sporty top and get that good feeling!

Play a Team Sport

Joining a team and getting the support of a group who are all looking to improve their performance can help you feel motivated to do likewise. You may feel like smoking is the last thing you want to do if it means you perform better for your team. The little bit of added pressure is a healthy motivator for you to keep fit and become a respected team member. Football, Rugby and Hockey are just a few team sports you can sign up to that will demand fitness and the willpower to perform.


Get a Hi-Vis Top on and jump on a bike! Cycling requires concentration towards your surroundings, so there will be little thought about smoking if your mind is working hard on focusing elsewhere. Bikes are relatively cheap to pick up and they last quite a while, so why not use it to get to work and keep the fitness up all day? Make sure you are visible to drivers at night, by wearing reflective clothing.


Going for a swim at your local pool can be just the ticket to help stop smoking. Get your whole body in the water straight away as the shock of the cold will keep your mind thinking elsewhere! Swimming is incredibly healthy as it works the whole of the body and your breathing pattern, over time, will improve significantly. Don’t forget your Goggles and Swim Caps!

Best of luck in the quest to improve your health and remember to use sport as a means of directing your focus positively! Find everything you need to keep fit at