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How Do Base Layers Improve Performance?

Many people will have heard of base layers as a type of gym and fitness clothing, and others will have used them before. But what exactly do they do and just how do they improve your performance? Below we have answered a few questions to explain the basics of base layers. This will help you decide if wearing base layers will aid your own performance and exactly how it will do so.

What do base layers do?

Base layers regulate the temperature of your body to keep you warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

How do base layers work?

There is a thin layer of warm air between the base layer and the skin that wicks away excess sweat to be evaporated.

How can base layers improve performance?

By regulating the body’s temperature, base layers ensure your performance doesn’t flag by being too hot or cold. Base layers compress key muscle areas helping to improve circulation and get more oxygen to those muscles. This decreases recovery time and helps to prevent injuries, fatigue and muscle strain.

What are base layers made from?

Base layers can be made from different materials including wool, cotton and synthetic fabrics. Wool base layers are best for extreme cold temperatures and the most popular choice of synthetic fabrics are best for everyday sports in warm or cool temperatures. Synthetic base layers resist odour and dry very quickly. Cotton base layers are used less often as they hold moisture and struggle to wick away sweat making them very uncomfortable.

When should base layers be worn?

Base layers are typically worn during exercise including at the gym, team sports and activities such as running. Whenever the muscles are being worked, wearing a base layer will help to improve performance.

So, wearing base layers help you work out for longer by regulating your body temperature and improve the time it takes for you to recover. If you want to try out base layers for yourself and experience first hand how they improve your performance, check out our fantastic range here.