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Easter Adventures on a Budget

It's that time of year again, Mary Poppins will be on the telly and we'll up to our knees in chocolate eggs. Fear not, adventurers! We asked for your top tips on how to make the most of the Easter holidays on a budget and here they are- time to get cracking and make the most of the bank holiday!

David enjoys camping in the Peak District. He says "a good tent and gear is not expensive", and we agree! Tents can be picked up for little nowadays and accessories won't break the bank either! David goes on to say how he enjoys bike riding there, and picking up quality cycling gear is easy, if you look in the right places.


Lauren's top tip is to go out for a picnic! She says: "not only do kids love [going for a picnic]...but it saves so much money". This is a great idea, and keeping the kids happy with homemade food will help save those pennies over the Easter holiday. Make sure all the perishables are tucked away in storage containers and flasks!



Allan has recommended a few products from our site (thanks, Al) to help have a good Easter - a Karrimor Discovery 2-person Tent and "a good pair of walking boots" are on his list. Allan goes on to suggest researching "how far you can travel by public transport" to help make the adventure that bit more exciting. Make sure you're equipped with a map, just in case!

Brooke has gone family-themed and suggested decorating eggs with the kids. She says: "Get the children to find some different flowers from the garden & parks, press them within the pages of a book for a couple of weeks, then glue them to painted hard-boiled eggs. They look really amazing". Getting creative is an important part of growing up, so make sure you have the right essentials to give your kids a great experience.



Sarah has gone creative with her entry and opted for crafts as a way of keeping busy over Easter. She has outlined a way to make homemade Easter baskets for her local community. To make this, you will need - string, craft glue, a balloon, water, and a strip of card. Next, just follow Sarah's 8 steps:

1) Blow up the balloon
2) Mix equal parts water and glue
3) Dip the string/yarn in the glue/water mix
4) Wrap around the balloon until the whole balloon is covered at this stage you can leave a small area at the front to access the inside or cut out a circle later. 
5) Leave to dry
6) Pop the balloon
7) Sit in the cardboard loop.
8) Add lace to decorate 

Jane has injected a bit of culture into her suggestion, citing museums and galleries as "usually free" hot-spots that "hold Easter events". We think this is a great idea and is perfect for educating children whilst providing them with fun along the way. Jane also feels we should "take advantage of the local parks" as "a lot of them have fitness equipment which all the family can use". Again, this is a good idea as getting outside and keeping fit is important for everyone and the Easter weekend is an ideal time to do so. Make sure you have a decent pair of trainers, just in case!



Anne is mixing things up with her idea and intends to go 'egg rolling'. She will "hard boil some eggs with onion skins, and pack with a picnic" then "take the family for a walk up a nearby hill". Anne and her family will roll the Pasche eggs down the mound in traditional Easter fashion. Sounds fun to us, but make sure you have the right boots to hand if you're taking an upwards trek!


Gaurav enjoys Easter egg hunts, followed by "some geocaching in the woods". This activity requires good orienteering skills, so be sure to have a compass just in case, and be sure to go with a group of friends to make a day of it!


Ellie says "if we want to do something a bit special (and the weather's behaving itself) we might go to the zoo or an adventure park. These can be very expensive which is why, throughout the year, I save up the rewards on my loyalty cards to buy family days out. This Easter, we're using our points to go to Thorpe Park. Not sure who's most excited - the little ones, or me"! It's worth checking if you have loyalty points to spend, as these may come in useful for a family trip over Easter! 


Our Winner

Congratulations to Melissa, who sent in a springtime poem. It's gotten us in the mood for Easter, so have a read and enjoy:

Easter adventures don't have to cost money,
get in the fresh air, it's warm and sunny.
A trip to the forest or country park,
is great to explore and have a lark
Pack a picnic and a hot flask,
you'll enjoy the day without money being asked!



Thank you to everyone who entered the competition, and we hope you enjoyed reading through the suggestions as much as we did. For all the essentials you will need to have a great Easter, visit