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Badminton: A Summer Holiday Saviour

The Summer of 2014 has already seen some epic performances across major sporting events, with the World Cup and Wimbledon dominating our screens and the Commonwealth Games now under way. With so much sport promotion, now’s the time to help get the kids into a new, fun, easy and exciting sport such as badminton!


Badminton is now one of the most exciting sports being played at the Commonwealth Games

Did you know that, according to Kidzworld before becoming an Olympic sport and the second most popular sport in the world after football , badminton was considered mainly a children’s game, which makes it perfect for some outdoor Summer Holiday entertainment. Not only will it get the kids up off the couch, getting them to research the rules will exercise their minds as well as their bodies.

During hot and sunny summer days your local park would be the perfect location for some quality time out with the family. However, badminton does not call for glorious weather 24/7, and can be played indoors as well so head down to the nearest sports centre on a rainy day instead!

And whether you yourself are a sports fanatic or a leisure practitioner, badminton has a lot to offer to beginners and more experienced players. And who knows – maybe the next future badminton star is hiding in your family and just awaits a little nudge!

Here are some various badminton activities for children of different age or skill level which range from fun and slightly less serious to ones focused on developing skills.

 •   For the youngest ones, a great start is learning to bounce the shuttlecock off the racket. They would be even more excited if you compete with them on who could set a record!
 •   Balloon badminton can simply be played in the back yard with a net, inflated balloons and a few rackets. This version of the game would allow them to get acquainted with the rules of the game without overwhelming them with technicalities.
 •   Teaming up novices with slightly better players will give the latter a sense of confidence from being able to teach someone else!
 •   As kids improve you can spend more time with them teaching them more technical moves. Alternatively, you could sign up for badminton classes in your local sports centre which are generally more affordable than tennis ones and waiting times are shorter!

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