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Angling Apparel: Top Picks for Summer 2014

Fishing is no longer just about having the right tackle, it’s also about being prepared for every weather with quality fishing clothing too. 
There’s no point wearing the wrong gear whilst on the bank, everything from head to toe needs to offer comfort and functionality. In winter heavy duty gear is a must, but what to wear in summer? You want to keep dry in the rain but cool in the heat, plus angling is yet another sport where the fashion police are rolling into town. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to think about when picking your angling wardrobe.
So here’s the scenario it’s a beautiful summers day and your on an evening carping session, yet again they’ve forecast rain in the evening, no bother, your still going regardless what the weather man says. This is where shoving on a t-shirt, shorts and trainers may have been a bad idea! It’s now evening and as per it’s started raining but blimey its dropped cold (no jacket) duh! It’s dry enough in the shelter, but then your alarms start sounding!
So as it is you’ve got a fish on, its raining, your now wet through your feet are wet, the grounds slippy and even though your thoughts are on the fish your going to be uncomfortable afterwards, and probably end up wasting perfect fishing days cooped up at home with a cold covered in snot rags…. We’ve all done it.
So now your wondering, why do I need to buy ‘special’ fishing clothing? Truth is you don’t, but with us it’s probably cheaper than buying alternatives and it’s made for the job too! Ideally unless you’re a hard-core carper you’ll only need the basics, plus the more kit you have the more you need to carry. 

To make sure your ready for any weather this summer here are a few of our favourites: 

With this Diem tee you can’t go wrong and at just £5 you could even get one in both green and black.

Back to Diem with both fashion and function for £16.99 you can get these shorts which are made for water and dry out in no time, so if your wading in for your catch of just caught in a summer shower your not going to have to endure that soggy feeling for long! 

This Dunlop 2 piece suit is perfect heading into autumn, lightly padded and fully waterproof it’s the brilliant all-rounder to keep in your holdall for those sudden downpours.  

Fishing boots for less than £15? You’ll find those here too, these Dragon Carp boots will eradicate that soggy socks feeling and will see you through the winter too, they also come with a full grip sole which is spot on for the your typical boggy fishery.


In summer we undstand the importance of keeping our heads covered from the sun, but caps have a secondry use in angling, taking the glare off your face enables you to watch for the slightest wobble in the float which could indicate an impending bite. So a pretty beneficial piece of kit when every bit counts! This Avanti cap is just £5.99 and has a water repellent finish keeping you protected from the elements.


One important piece of year round kit is the sunglasses, believe it or not whilst fishing the sun can be a real nuisance and after a while it can even start to play tricks on your eyes too! The water is great for bouncing glare into your face and your cap can only help so much! These Matt Hayes Wild Sport Polarised Sunglasses are fully polarised giving you that edge to spot feeding, cruising fish in the underwater terrain. Made to be both lightweight and strong this is one bit of kit which won’t hold you back!