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5 Strangest Wimbledon Superstitions

5. Rafael Nadal       thumbnail

The Spaniard who won in 2008 and 2010, is well known on the tennis circuit for his superstitions. His most famous is his precise routine of placing his hair behind his ear and brushing his clothing every time he serves the ball. The strangest though is how the Spaniard places his water bottles at the start of a match. The two bottles are always placed next to each other, with the labels facing the baseline of the court side he is playing on. Every changeover he rearranges the bottles.

4.Novak Djokovic   thumbnail

The Serbian insists his pet poodle Pierre is with him when playing at the tournament. The two time Wimbledon champion also likes to use a different shower after every match played at the event.

3.Serena Williams   thumbnail

Famous for her aggressive baseline play, the five time Wimbledon champion has several superstitions she follows throughout the tournament. The strangest include tying her shoelaces in a specific way, as well as wearing the same pair of socks for the whole tournament. For sake of hygiene we will assume they are washed after each game!

2. Bjorn Borg           thumbnail

The Swede known for his cool persona on and off the court, won five Wimbledon Championships in a row between 1976 and 1980. For everyone of those wins, Borg grew a beard before the tournament started. If that wasn’t enough he would also wear the same Fila shirt in every single match he played in. While Borg cannot be credited with the hipster beard craze, it is an idea that has carried over to other sports. In ice hockey some players grow a beard before playoff matches at the end of the season. It is widely known as the playoff beard.

1.Goran Ivanisevic  thumbnail

By far the strangest of all superstitions goes to the Croatian. After three Wimbledon final defeats in 1992, 1994 and 1998, Ivanisevic did not want to leave anything to chance when he finally lifted the trophy in 2001. Throughout the tournament he followed the exact same routine every single day for a full two weeks. This routine involved ordering the same meal at the same restaurant everyday. It even went as far as not getting out of bed until he watched the Teletubbies!

You can keep an eye out for Nadal’s strange  routines when the tournament starts on 29th June. In the meantime to make sure you have everything you need for a couple of sets this summer, check out our wide range of tennis equipment. We are also unable to guarantee watching the Teletubbies will improve tennis performance!