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13 Worst Football Kits of All Time

Now, we're not saying that having to design a whole new kit (well actually two) every year or so isn't difficult. It must be incredibly hard to keep coming up with new ideas whilst trying to stay true to a particular home colour scheme. Having said that, there is absolutely no excuse for some of the catastrophes that have shown themselves in the past years! 

Here are some of the most shocking kits, ever: 

1)  Arsenal Away Kit, 1991/92


Photo Credit: Eva Hall on Pinterest

What were you going for here, exactly? We would like a letter of explanation immediately please, we just don't get it.

2) Aston Villa Goalkeeper Kit, 1994/1996


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

You kept this one for two years, really?!

3) Birmingham City Away Kit, 1992/93


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

We're all fans of Jelly Beans Birmingham, but this is taking it too far.

4) Bradford City Away Kit, 2012/2013


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

What is this?! A cross between a piano and a tiger?! We're so confused!

5) Burnley Home Kit, 1991/1992


Photo Credit: Warren Butler via Pinterest

Was this one designed on Microsoft Paint?

6) Croatia Home Kit, 2014 


Oh we're sorry, we didn't realise we should have brought some checkers with us... 

7) Huddersfield Town Away Kit, 1991/92


Photo Credit: via Twitter

A strange rendition of Dennis the Menace and voice waves?! We're not even sure how that would have happened? 

8) Hull City Home Kit, 1993/94 


Photo Credit: via Pinterest

We know you are called the tigers, but did you have to try and become one?!

9) La Hoya Home Kit, 2013/2014


Photo Credit: Tumblr

Sorry, are those peas? PEAS?!

10) Manchester United 3rd Goalkeeper Kit, 1994/95


Photo Credit: Victoria Tebbs via Pinterest

Clearly, the shirt was ran over before he put it on... right?!

11) Norwich City Home Kit, 1992/93


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Again with the Microsoft Paint!

12) Sheffield Wednesday Away Kit, 1986,87


Photo Credit:

Did the team have plans to go roller disco after the match or something?! We know it was the 80's, but come on!

13) Sunderland Goalkeeper Kit, 1994/96


Photo Credit: Shocking Kits via Pinterest

We've definitely saved the worst for last. Are those hands on the bottom of it? Why so many patterns?! This just simply hurts the brain!


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