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11 Items to Kit Out Your Glastonbury Experience

Festivals are great, but camping can certainly be difficult. The being away from luxuries and having to use those god awful toilets are enough to make you think twice about going. But there are plenty of things that you can take with you to make the weekend that little bit more comfortable, and easier to handle… and at a reasonable price too (score). 


1) Gelert Inflatable Sofa (£14.99)*


Because who doesn't love to sit comfortably while eating their breakfast? (Other colours available)

2) Gelert Collapsible BBQ (£10.50)*


Why should you have to pay excessive festival prices? Grab some burgers and do it yourself!

3) Karrimor Folding Windshield (£2.50)*


Nothing worse than attempting to eat your dinner with your hair blowing everywhere, is there girls?

4) Thermarest Down Pillow (£19.99)*


Because there is nothing better than a good night’s sleep.

5) Campingaz Powerbox, 28 Litre (£63.00)*



Because who likes warm drinks though, really?

6) Gelert PVC Double Airbed (£9.99)*


Let's be honest, sleeping on the ground is just not fun.

7) Gelert Portable Heater (£19.99)*



Warmth speaks for itself. 

8) Gelert Portable Stove (£12.99)*


For all those fancying something other than burgers.

9) Gelert Ottawa 4 Tent Carpet (£19.00)*


Who doesn’t want to make their tent homier? 

10) Edco Park Bench (£39.00)*


Because… well, why not?

11) Gelert LED Collapsible Lantern (£9.99)*


We'll all need that bit of light at a 3am bathroom trip.


Make sure you have everything you need for Glastonbury and future festivals with our wide range of camping products at

*Prices are correct as of 16/06/2015