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Top Wimbledon Fashion Faux Pas'

thumbnailIt has one of the strictest dress codes in the world of sport, yet some players have managed to fall foul of the all white rule (amongst others) at the All England Club over the years. We’ll now take a look at some of the biggest fashion disasters that have occurred at Wimbledon historically. [More]

A Novice’s Guide To Wimbledon

thumbnailThis week, Wimbledon 2014 kicked off and so far last years reigning champion, Andy Murray is proving he is still worthy of his title. For many of us, Tennis is a sport we only get excited about throughout June and July, while the infamous Wimbledon is plastered across our TV screens. So, you may not quite understand how tennis works. What’s ‘love’? And what on earth does ‘deuce’ mean?! Not to worry though, here at we have put together a simple guide to understanding tennis, so you can follow all of the matches and know who won before the commentator confirms it to you!



Wimbledon: The Tournament Of Technology

thumbnailTennis and technology was a taboo topic several years ago, and the bleep of the net was probably the most advanced thing that you would come across. Now, ahead of the 2014 event, this has all changed. The game has become full of gizmos and gadgets that are aimed at both improving player performance, and also the spectator experience [More]

Wimbledon 2014: The Big 5 Contenders


While a lot of attention is currently on the World Cup, Wimbledon is also just around the corner and starts in less than a week. Following Andy Murray’s success at SW19 last year there is naturally plenty of hope that he can repeat that feat and fly the British flag again. However, with Murray out of form it’s certainly going to be a tough ask, as we take a look at the main competitors for the upcoming tournament.