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Top 5 Indoor Activities for a Wet Weekend


The British weather is temperamental, there’s no denying that, especially in summer. One day it could be 24 degrees and sunny, and then the next cold, drizzly and dull. When the kids are off school in the summer holidays and the rain clouds appear on the horizon, it’s time to get creative to keep the kids from getting bored. Thankfully we at have come up with 5 fantastic indoor activities to get you through those miserable days:


Top 3 Plus Size Swim Suits By Slazenger

thumbnail For plus size women finding a swim suit can be a little more challenging. Some designs may look really nice, but they don’t always have the required support. You will find that many skimpy suits have thin ties and no back support which isn’t going to be much help for larger busted ladies, while a good secure fit will feel great and allow you to swim without worrying about your swimwear. We have put together a list of our top 3 swim suits from Slazenger, perfect for larger women to help support and fit correctly for the practical swimmer. [More]