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Shirt Sales 2014/15: Where Are Your Team's Supporters Really From?

thumbnailHow many times have you come across that Manchester United fan who has never set foot in Lancashire? Or the City supporter who is based over two hundred miles away, and has only started following his ‘beloved’ since the post-Sheikh days? Here, we put a club’s supporter base to the test, as we take a look at where in the world sell eight of the most popular Premier League shirts.


Who Were The Best Goalkeepers Of 2013/14?


They are often the first man in the squad to be blamed and most of us remember the howlers as opposed to the great saves. Some would say that goalkeepers receive a raw deal over the course of the season and to highlight how each one from the Premier League truly performed, we’ve put together the following league table based on the 2013/14 season.


The Big Business Of Football Kit Deals


With the 2014/15 campaign now just around the corner, all of the top kits have been released as the countdown to the big kick-off continues. To highlight the huge scale of the football shirt manufacturing industry, the following graphic shows just how each Premier League side fares financially against one another, as well as the deals that top European and international teams have carved.


Is There Any Such Thing as a "Home Kit" Advantage?

thumbnailFootball pundits often like to talk about the home advantage, and how a team playing at their own ground immediately holds the upper hand. Some take the philosophy a little further and look at the success of a team in their home or away kit – and this is where the next post on our blog comes into play. After analysing all 380 games of the 2013/14 Premier League season, we see just how much of a role away kits really do have.


What Were The Best Boots Of World Cup 2014?

thumbnailIt was described as one of the most exciting World Cup tournaments in years and in total, it brought no fewer than 171 goals. Players were seen in some of the latest and most futuristic boots on the market and to see just which brands and models performed the best, we’ll take an in-depth look at the tournament through this next blog post.

[More] Reveal the Nation’s Favourite England Shirt!

thumbnailThe votes have been counted and the results are in! We recently asked our fantastic Facebook fans to choose which England shirt was their favourite from decades gone by. The final line up included the iconic, trophy winning shirt from the 1966 team, followed by the 1976 shirt from ten years later. Up next was the nostalgic 1996 shirt (Three lions, anyone?), the 2000 shirt, the 2002 shirt and the brand new 2014 shirt ready for the World Cup in Brazil. [More]