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Haunted Stadiums in the UK

thumbnailThere are plenty of sporting results that fans put down to black magic or divine intervention, but we all know it’s usually down to their team being good/bad on the day…or due to the ref!  However, down the years, there have been reports of spiritual sightings at some sporting grounds… [More]

10 Facts About FA Cup Semi Final Weekend

thumbnailThis weekend sees the FA Cup return to our screens and even though the Premier League’s elite still value this competition very highly, it would be fair to say that the final four are surprising to say the least. While Arsenal are always tipped for some sort of domestic cup surge following the ten FA Cup trophies they have accumulated over the years, the likes of Wigan, Hull and Sheffield United will not have been expecting themselves to be in this position at the start of the season. Bearing the above in mind, there are certainly a few interesting statistics flying around ahead of the big semi-final weekend. Here’s our favourite ten…